Centre for eLearning Innovations and
Partnerships in Science and Engineering (eLIPSE)

theJourneymaker (tJM) is a "whole-of-curricula" design environment that permits users to systematically build and assess curricula; and demonstrate how they map against required outcome standards.  The tool visualises progressive development of knowledge, skills/application and attitudes in the curriculum and provides rich information to inform decision making and monitor student progress.



Project team/Contacts
Title First Name Last Name Affiliation Role in the project Contact
Professor Ian  Cameron School of Chemical Engineering Lead CI i.cameron@uq.edu.au
A/Professor Greg Birkett School of Chemical Engineering Lead CI g.birkett@uq.edu.au
​+61 7 3365 3813
      eLIPSE Software development team elipse@eait.uq.edu.au
+61 7 334 68018
Project Status

The project is currently piloted by users across faculties.


The following resources are available for users of tJM:

Technologies Used

JavaScript, Laravel 5.1.1 (PHP), Piwik for analytics.


The first version of theJourney/Maker was funded by a Faculty of EAIT Teaching and Learning Grant with a funding contribution from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic). The project was  subsequently awarded a UQ Technology-Enhanced Learning Grant (TEL Grant), as a Signature project, in 2014.


Cameron, I.T. and Birkett, G. (2012), A curriculum design, modelling and visualization environment, Proceedings of the 2012 Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE) Conference, Melbourne, Victoria, December.