eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in
Science and Engineering (eLIPSE)

Our focus for the student learning experience is to encourage students to take ownership of their own learning through engagement in authentic learning experiences through project-based work.  Intertwined with this approach has been the development of a modular and scalable suite of learning analytics tools that assist students to adapt to this learning environment. 

Two main tools, the Learning Pathway (Stage 1) and the Dashboard (Learning Pathway Stage 2) were designed to assist students to see where they are going, how they are progressing, whether they are on track and up to date and how their performance compares with that of others.  Other tools like WebPA(f) and MOOCchat assist with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

The Student Dashboard, which is course/subject-based, provides up to date formative feedback to students throughout the semester to develop the capacity to take ownership of their learning.  Students are able to see their cumulative grade point average, based on the number of assessments completed so far, and can relate this to the position of other students in the class through their ability to see the average grade achieved by the entire class.  They are then able to take action to address this situation if they deem it necessary.

The Dashboard comprises a number of visualisation widgets which allow students to customise the interface.  They can interrogate the data related to learning objectives and assessment and view personalised recommendations.  

The tool assists students with self-monitoring, which is an integral part of taking ownership of learning.  A multi-dimensional perspective can be offered due to the modular and scalable suite of learning analytics tools that provide students with rich data about their performance in a single information point.

Project team/Contacts
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School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Lead CI


      eLIPSE Software development team elipse@eait.uq.edu.au
+61 7 334 68018
Project Status

Stage 2 of the Learning Pathway is complete. 

  • The dashboard was piloted by students in the first year course, ENGG1200 in Semester 2, 2016 (n = 921)
  • It was trialled by the UQ Business School in Semester 1, 2017

Support material is currently being developed. The following resources are available for users of the Dashboard:

  • Case studies/user feedback
Technologies Used

JavaScript, Blackboard, Piwik for analytics.


The first version of the Learning Pathway (Stage 1) resulted from a collaboration between the Faculties of EAIT and Science, and the UQ Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology (CEIT), now disestablished.  Stage 1 of the project was funded initially by the Faculty of EAIT and subsequently Stage 2 was awarded a UQ Technology-Enhanced Learning Grant (TEL Grant) in 2014.


Reidsema, C. Kavanagh, L. (2016). Supporting students’ ownership of their learning with analytics. Received 2016 Award for Excellence in Learning Analytics at the ASCILITE 2016 Conference in Adelaide. From: https://www.elipse.uq.edu.au/supporting-student-ownership-of-learning-with-analytics