Centre for eLearning Innovations and
Partnerships in Science and Engineering (eLIPSE)

The eLIPSE Centre assists discipline experts to lead eLearning innovation through enabling collaborative partnerships and providing technical support services.  A summary of our software development capabilities was presented at the eLIPSE Showcase on 22 March 2016.

The advantages of eLIPSE are twofold: the unique partnership allows student and educator voices to be embedded in our innovations, and connections across discipline and across development mean that tools and pedagogies have wide application.

Particular expertise exists in the use of learning technologies to support large class teaching and to personalise the learning experience for students in these classes.

The Centre - 

  • brings together a broad spectrum of expertise in the field of eLearning and curriculum design,
  • supports quick and effective piloting of eLearning tools and other innovations,
  • leverages synergies across projects at the academic level and the technical level,
  • acts as a bridge to ITaLI and ITS to deliver sustainable integrated systems,
  • develops and disseminates research.

If you wish to discuss how your project can benefit from enhanced opportunities for significant outcomes that result from critical mass and improved cost and time efficiencies, please contact one of the Directors.

Grant Application Assistance

Our software development services are offered for funded UQ projects.  If you are considering lodging an application for funding for a project that involves technology-enhanced learning, e.g. UQ Teaching Innovation Grants, Faculty Teaching & Learning Grants, we can assist you with a number of steps in the process of preparing your funding application.  Further details are provided here.