eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in
Science and Engineering (eLIPSE)

The eLIPSE software development team offers a broad range of skills, as well as a wide range of experiences and technological skill sets.  For new projects, the whole team is consulted to create the best outcomes for stakeholders. 

We work closely with academics in order to relate to the pedagogic imperatives driving innovation; academic ownership of, and interest in, a tool is maintained by academic project leaders, and built upon over time.

Without ongoing maintenance, software tools quickly become obsolete and unusable as systems change around them.  eLIPSE provides a long-term, stable, supported environment for tool maintenance by developers who know the tools, how they are embedded in the university systems and how they interact with other applications.  Tools are maintained for ongoing use and/or adapted for new purposes, resulting in improved cost and time efficiencies. 

The advantages of eLIPSE are twofold: the unique partnership allows student and educator voices to be embedded in our innovations, and connections across discipline and across development mean that tools and pedagogies have wide application.

Particular expertise exists in the use of learning technologies to support large class teaching and to personalise the learning experience for students in these classes.


  • allows for sound educational design of software tools through technical development that is underpinned by knowledge of UQ systems, strategic directions, and existing solutions,
  • offers rapid prototyping services not offered by other UQ units,
  • leverages synergies across projects at the academic level and the technical level, and
  • acts as a bridge to ITaLI and ITS to deliver sustainable integrated systems.

If you wish to discuss how your project can benefit from enhanced opportunities for significant outcomes that result from improved cost and time efficiencies, please contact the eLIPSE Software and Business Development Manager

Grant Application Assistance

Our software development services are offered for funded UQ projects.  If you are considering lodging an application for funding for a project that involves technology-enhanced learning, e.g. UQ Teaching Innovation Grants, Faculty Teaching & Learning Grants, we can assist you with a number of steps in the process of preparing your funding application.  

Academics proposing new educational software development projects should consult the eLIPSE Software and Business Development Manager, who works closely with faculty learning designers to ensure that technical decisions are made with attention to optimal learning design outcomes.  The complex technical challenges posed by educational technology and software development are explored in these discussions.  We can help you find answers to the following questions:

  • Do you really need to develop new software, or is there a suitable existing (or readily adaptable) application either within UQ or available as a commercial product?
  • Does your project have synergies with other projects being proposed in current grant rounds where coding might be exploited for mutual benefit?
  • What devices/infrastructure will the technology require?
  • Will data storage and management provisions comply with UQ standards?
  • What sort of user interfaces will be required for students and staff to access the technology?
  • If software development is required, what budget is required for development, testing, deployment, and operation?