eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in
Science and Engineering (eLIPSE)

On 25 May 2022, eLIPSE delivered a 1-hour showcase that highlighted four of the eLearning tools/platforms in its current portfolio, as well as providing some information on eLIPSE services.

If you wish to watch the full showcase, it can be viewed here.  


Separate segments are also provided as follows. 

Phil Waller summarised the assistance that eLIPSE can provide to academics with ideas for technology-based projects.  These projects can be related to student learning or better management of courses/learning resources.

Suresh Krishnasamy talked about SAFS Hub, which provides easily-accessible content and skills resources for students across a number of first year courses, who have little biology background but are studying courses requiring this knowledge.  SAFS Hub is built on the eLIPSE Crucible platform.

Peter Sutton talked about TeamAnneal, a tool for forming student teams, which allows you to define the factors that will be taken into consideration in constituting your teams.

Gilda Carvalho talked about Urban Water Engineering, a virtual site visit to a wastewater treatment plant.  Urban Water Engineering is built on the eLIPSE Prism360 platform.

Gwen Lawrie talked about Think.Chat.Learn, a real-time, chat-based peer learning tool.  Think.Chat.Learn is built on the eLIPSE MOOCchat platform.