eLearning Innovations and Partnerships in
Science and Engineering (eLIPSE)

Work-integrated learning, where students apply disciplinary knowledge in a real-world context, is a consistently-supported approach to improving graduate job-readiness.  Providing access to 3-dimensional images of live construction projects captured over time, together with drawings and other contract documents, delivers an authentic, work-based, learning environment for architecture and engineering students.

The 4-Dimensional Construction Learning Environment is designed to provided contextualised learning and a safe, practical and pedagogically-consistent alternative to traditional job placements and site visits for large cohorts of students.

How does it work?

The tool uses 3-dimensional photographic surveys captured at weekly intervals.  A timeline of these surveys provides flexible learner interaction with the various stages of a 'live' construction project over time.

Students can also access documentation related to multiple phases of the tendering and construction process, including specifications, drawings and reports.


Project team/Contacts
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School of Architecture

Lead CI


      eLIPSE Software development team elipse@eait.uq.edu.au
+61 7 334 68018
Project Status

Stage 1 of the project captured the construction of the UQ Advanced Engineering Building and created the 4D Construction Learning Environment as a proof-of-concept digital eLearning tool.  The site for the Advanced Engineering Building can currently be accessed here.

Stage 2 captured the construction of the UQ Andrew N Liveris Building, creating a site for this building on the newly-created Prism360 platform, a more stable digital eLearning platform.  The site for the Andrew N Liveris Building can be accessed here.

Stage 3 is currently under development and involves:

  • migrating the Advanced Engineering Building digital resources to the Prism360 platform,
  • uploading the digital resources for a new precast concrete project to the platform, Kingston University London's 2021 RIBA Sterling Prize-winning Town House project,
  • preparing technical user guides for the digital capture of future projects, and
  • developing a teaching and assessment practice template and database linked to the platform to capture how the resources are used and to encourage further uptake and evaluation.

Stage 4 is also currently under development and involves:

  • capturing and uploading a new residential-scale project to the platform, including photographic surveys, drawings and videos of key construction activities, and
  • developing a teaching and assessment practice template and database linked to the platform to capture how the resources are used and to encourage further uptake and evaluation.

The Architecture 4D Construction Learning Environment is built on the Prism360 platform, developed by eLIPSE.  Academics wishing to develop a new application for a virtual site visit should contact eLIPSE.


A user guide is included in the Advanced Engineering Building site.

Technologies Used

Marzipano, JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, cloud services.


The original concept for the tool was an interactive and immersive virtual reality learning platform for part of the BP Bulwer Island Refinery, developed by Professor Ian Cameron.  Stage 1 development was funded by a 2014 Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching grant.  Stage 2 capture of the Andrew N Liveris Building was funded by a 2018 Faculty of EAIT Teaching and Learning Grant.  Stage 2 upload of the Andrew N Liveris Building to the Prism360 platform was funded by a 2020 UQ Teaching Innovation Grant.  Stage 3 is also being funded by the 2020 Teaching Innovation Grant.  Stage 4 is being funded by a 2022 EAIT Teaching and Learning Grant.


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